About Us


Design is the reference point on which the company relies for the realisation of new profiling machines and for the creation of automation systems to be placed side by side with machines already installed and operational, or even just for the careful study of each programme or request for assistance and maintenance. A tried and tested and active staff of specialised technicians and engineers offer their professional input on a daily basis in order to find all possible solutions suited to each customer's needs and requirements. Solutions to increase productivity with reduced labour and non-quality costs. Another of Tecnoma's strengths is its direct contact with the customer to discuss, interact and find the most suitable solution while respecting high quality standards and all the strictest safety regulations. Each project is carefully evaluated, optimised and made suitable for production only if all the customer's expectations are met. 


Once the final goal has been reached, the production department, in constant dialogue with the technical department, takes care of production and testing, which is essential to give the necessary guarantee for the commissioning of each machine. Even the smallest anomaly that may arise is dealt with and eliminated in-house, so that delivery and installation take place precisely and without any unforeseen problems. This way of working allows us to guarantee costs and meet deadlines, something that has enabled Tecnoma to maintain excellent relations to date. 


Tecnoma guarantees advice and maintenance within short deadlines. All with a view to continuous flexibility, speed of service and maximum attention to the clientele, with whom Tecnoma strives to establish a continuous and solid relationship based on trust and seriousness. Customer relations, considered to be of fundamental importance at Tecnoma, are personally looked after by the owner and his sales staff, who take care of meeting customers personally and supervising production processes. These are the fundamental prerequisites for establishing a relationship of esteem and mutual commitment to stimulate that growth mechanism which is fundamental for the creation of an increasingly dynamic and attractive company


The operationality and professionalism that Tecnoma has always applied in all its activities are also guaranteed by the efficient support of its group of employees.


1) Attention to the customer for ever higher product/service quality.

2) Searching for the best solutions to develop the product according to customer requirements and needs.

3) Special attention to relational/communication aspects with 1 customer.

4) Respect for delivery times.

5) Technology & know-how: high quality, state-of-the-art production lines and automation.

6) Skills and professionalism

7) Use of suppliers with a high quality standard.

8. Flexibility.

9) Service & support.

10) Safety & quality.