The design is the reference point on which the company counts for the construction of each new machine and for the creation of automation systems to be combined with already installed and operative machinery, or even just for the careful study of each program or request for assistance and maintenance. A tested and active staff of specialized technicians and engineers offers daily their professional contribution to find all the possible solutions and suitable for every necessity and needs of the customer. Another Tecnoma’s point of strength is the direct contact with the customer to discuss, interact and find together the most appropriate solution respecting high quality standards and all the strictest safety rules. Each project is evaluated carefully, optimized and made fit for production only if all customer expectations are met.


The production department, in constant dialogue with the technical office, provides for the realization and the tests, which are essential to give the necessary guarantee for the implementation of each machine; in fact, even the smallest anomaly that could arise is treated and eliminated within the structure, so that delivery and installation take place in a precise and smooth manner. Our way of work allows us to guarantee competitive prices and respect the times, a detail that until today has allowed Tecnoma to maintain excellent relationships of trust and collaboration with its customers.


Tecnoma guarantees consulting and maintenance in short times. Everything in a flexible way, speed of service and maximum attention to customers, with which care to establish an ongoing and solid relationship of trust and seriousness. Relations with customers, believed to be of great importance by Tecnoma, are personally took care by the owner and its commercial team which personally follow and meet their customers. These are fundamental prerequisites to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and commitment to encourage the growing mechanism essential to realize a company more dynamic and who listen to their customers.    



The functioning and professionalism that Tecnoma has always applied in all its activities are also guaranteed by the efficient support of its group of employees.


  1. Care and attention of the customer for a higher quality of the product/service.
  2. Research of the best solutions to develop the product based on the requests and needs of our clients.
  3. Attention to relations/communication aspects with customers.
  4. Respect for deadlines.
  5. Technology and know-how: production and automation lines of high quality, always on the cutting edge.
  6. Skills and professionalism.
  7. Suppliers with a high-quality standard.
  8. Constant flexibility.
  9. Service and assistance.
  10. Safety and quality.