Quality Policy

TECNOMA has defined its own Quality Policy, attesting its commitment to continuous improvement and establishing a reference for identifying and reviewing its objectives; in particular, commitments and duties towards customers are assumed, with the achievement of the following priorities:

  • Know, understand and communicate on the inside the needs / expectations of the customers and interested parties.
  • Convert customers needs into requirement for the company.
  • Define and control all processes that directly affects quality of  product/service offered.
  • Improve quality of products/services provided, through the prevention of possible causes of non-compliance.
  • Satisfy needs of their customers, that means guarantee products/services that answer to their necessity and expectations.
  • Enhancing and encouraging the participation of all human resources of the company, involving everyone in an active and participatory way.
  • Establish relationships of collaboration and involvement with suppliers and contractors deemed to be qualitatively reliable.
  • Keep up-to-date and comply with the norms and binding laws related to our sector.


Particulary TECNOMA guarantee the following levels of products/service quality offered:

  • Storicità ed esperienza pluriennale che hanno permesso all’azienda di acquisire un ampio know how nel settore dell’automazione industriale.
  • Historical and many years of experience that have allowed the company to acquire extensive know-how in the industrial automation sector.
  • Financial strength of the company.
  • Consultancy to identify the best solutions for customizing the product to the needs and requests of each client.
  • Particular attention to relational aspects during meetings with customers.
  • Presence on the world market
  • Competence and professionalism of our staff.
  • Sigergy between commercial and technical staff.
  • Use of advanced machinery
  • Respect of agreeed schedules.
  • Resolution of non-compliance and problems in a short timeUse of suppliers and materials with a medium-high quality standard.

Rev. 2 del 08/03/2017






Company Policy On Health And Safety On The Workplace

By providing organizational, instrumental and economic resources, TECNOMA aims to improve the health and safety of workers at the workplace.

Tecnoma is continuously implementing the internal safety management system in its work organization.

Tecnoma will continue to commit itself to addressing the security aspects of all existing business activities and future planning as important aspects of its business.

It also is committed to maintain the organization of the entire company structure, so that everyone is involved, according to their responsibilities and skills, to achieve the security objectives

The Company Directorate commits itself so that:

  • the VIGENT LEGISLATION about health and safety on the workplace is respected;
  • INFORMATION ABOUT COMPANY’S RISKS is common to all workers, TRAINING of the same is carried out and updated with specific reference to the task performed;
  • Worker consultation is guaranteed, even through the Representative for workers for Safety (RLS), regarding health and safety on workplace;
  • All workers need to be trained and well-informed to carry out safety TASKS assigned to them,
  • COOPERATION and COLLABORATION in the entire company are maintained, based on each and every knowledge, to ACCOMPLISH SAFETY OBJECTIVES;
  • machineries are verified from the point of view of safety in order to safeguard the health and safety of workers,
    in order to guarantee preventive and planned maintenance, in order to reduce the requests for intervention;

The goal of the Company in the next two years concerns in fact the in-depth analysis of the machine park and its relative adjustment and improvement, with the accurate definition of ordinary maintenance operations and safety instructions.

  • Preventive actions and internal investigations to protect workers‘ health and safety are privileged, to significantly REDUCE the probability of occurrence of ACCIDENTS, INJURIES or other non-compliance, to bring accident indices to 0.


The company has adopted and maintains measures to reduce the risk levels of work and / or activities carried out and / or present in the company following forms of prevention from a gender perspective, through

  1. different prevention and protection measures according to the worker’s tasks and gender;
  2. reports of almost injuries and / or missed accidents;
  3. control of compliance with behavioral rules in the company during working hours

The company has adopted a procedure by which it collects and analyzes systematically the injuries and accidents that occurred during work on its staff.

The company has also adopted and maintains policies, procedures for the management of differences, which provide for the recruitment of people with disabilities or different in general, facilitating their insertion and ensuring them equal treatment in the phases of training, recruitment, assignment of tasks / assignments and career progression.

Date: 21.06.17